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bathetopia's #1 asked for scent! you might have already tried it at 28 springs restaurant downtown siloam springs!

aroma: light tropical blend of tart grapefruit, sweet orange, and sour lemon. the balsamic base note adds depth to its exotic characteristics! phthalate free benefits: balancing and uplifting to the mind.  recommended for: women, but men like it too!  featured at:  28 springs restaurant  products: shower, bath or after bath collections

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are things a little out of whack today? bring your mind, body and spirit in balance with this unique blend of ylang-ylang and neroli.

aroma: a tropical floral and spicy, with balsalmic undertones of ylang-ylang. blends perfectly with neroli's  citrusy, sweet yet delicate aroma.  benefits: stabilize the emotions and bring relief to seemingly hopeless situations.  it encourages confidence. is calming and relaxing. recommended for: both women and men  products:  bath, after bath collections

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your workout this a.m. was brutal and you're feeling it! here's a perfect blend for your soak in the tub tonight!

aroma:  fresh, medicinal, woody aroma blend, with the minty, slightly fruity freshness of spearmint.  benefits: creates the perfect aromatherapy for bringing about a feeling of balance and lifting ones spirits. promoting health, well-being, purification and healing. recommended for:  both women and men products: most popular collection

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silky mimosa blossoms are the heart of this dewy aroma

aroma: a splash of ocean and juicy melon are surrounded by romantic iris, jasmine and natural violet leaf. natural cardamom and creamy tonka bean smooth with balmy warmth.  benefit: a one-of-a-kind perfume that will complement all day long!  recommended for: women  products: after bath collection. great as a cologne or body mist.

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tough day at the office? kids needing more of you? try a long soak in the tub with bathetopia's total relaxation blend as part of your daily routine to release and help with a good nights sleep!

aroma:  the sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma of lavender is warmed up with rosemary and sage. benefits: promotes love and peace. stimulates memory and opens the conscious mind. is known to help relieve depression, mental fatigue and strain.   recommended for:  both women and men.  products: shower, bath, or after bath collection.

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this is the perfect blend for the citrus scent lovers! no floral sweetness here! this will get you energized this morning!

aroma: fresh citrusy aroma of lemon-lime with just a hint of green tea and bergamot giving a slightly woodsy herb aroma too. phthalate free! benefits: boost energy levels and alertness. great for mental focus. helps overcome exhaustion, depression and lifelessness.   recommended for:  both women and men  featured at: 28 springs restaurant products: shower and men collection

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an instant classy, clean and fresh aroma

aroma:  balancing cedar and spruce essential oils, with calming geranium, lavendin, spirited orange, and guizcwood, with bright hints of black pepper.  benefit: an instant feeling of being in touch with the earth and nature. a sense of calm and balance.  recommended for: both women and men  products: men and home collection

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men's #1 favorite scent for women has vanilla in it! this says it all! right?

aroma:  delicious silky warm vanilla sugar and natural spicy amber makes a unique blend of warmth and sensuality. with hints of woody and musk! benefit: naturally promotes an uplifting mood, increases your comfort and relaxation and supports restfulness. soothes the spirit, mind and body. recommended for: women  products:  exfoliate, shower, after bath collection  products: exfoliate, shower, and after bath collections

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looking for something earthy, woodsy, classy, vintage and timeless? this is it! for all your bath and body products!

aroma: clean, woodsy, old vintage fragrance that is classy.  benefit: timeless. never tire of!  recomended for: men  products: men, exfoliate, and the home collections.

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bathetopia's private property is a sexy not to sweet fragrance that women love on men! gentle, sexy, and rough and rugged!

aroma: a light tobacco vanilla scent with the earthy natural woodstock aroma and just hint of calm-dirt!  spicy sweet yet earthy! benefit: just the way you want a man to smell - rough and rugged yet gentle! recommended for: men  products: men collection