awaken your little one's senses with summer fun in the tub in any season!

aroma: deliciously light, fruity, and sweet with hints of green herbal freshness. benefit:  happiness, laughter, and fun in the tub!  recommended for: girls and boys  products:  just for kids, shower, and after bath collections

abi kate.jpg


sweet dreams sweet little baby!

aroma: fresh simple sweet floral of french lavender with a hint of warm calming natural vanilla   benefit: elevates joy and relaxation for your little one at bath time. recommended for: girls and boys products:  just for kids, shower, and after bath collections

green monster.jpg


your little monsters have been playing outside all day and it's time to get them sparkly clean for bed!

aroma: light clean fresh sweet honeydew, uplifting citrusy lime, cool refreshing spearmint.  benefit: cleansing and energizing characteristics that promote a sense of focus while at the same time enhancing or uplifting the mood. recommended for: boys  products:  just for kids, shower, and after bath collections.

pink lemonade.jpg


this sweet tart fragrance takes you back to the good old days of lemonade stands, childhood friendships and summer break! lemon orange blossom and cherry all natural fragrance is the heart of this fun fruity aroma!

aroma: of fresh squeezed lemons and oranges with a hint of tart dark red cherries! fresh, light and clean!  benefit:  definitely invigorating and uplifting! recommended for: girls products:  just for kids, shower, and after bath

green apple mint.jpg


delightful crisp green apples and cool rejuvenating sweet spearmint make the perfect combo for kids bath and body products!

aroma: tart light and fresh aroma of crisp fresh green apples with just a hint of sweet refreshing spearmint!  benefit: reduces stress and anxiety! leaves your little ones calm and relaxed after a long day at sitters or school.  recommended for: girls and boys

products:  just for kids, shower, and after bath