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been going at it, but feel you've just begun?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

bathjunkie/bāthe/bathetoipia bath boutique! we're on a journey! a real road trip that's taken a few detours! we've been going at it for five years here in downtown siloam springs, ar! that's right! can you believe it? five years and loving every minute!

our story: june 2014 road trip! judy, creator and founder of bathjunkie, and I took a nine day, fifteen state road trip! it was three-fold and one of the most fun trips i’ve ever been on! we took her granddaughter to see her dad in connecticut, she wanted to show me a part of america i had never seen before and make plans for the startup of my store, bathjunkie, in siloam springs. we rented my little space here on broadway, ordered my product and packaging supplies to be shipped and had them delivered when we got back to start up july 1st. my actual start date was july 5th.

that same year, bathjunkie corporate and bathjunkie franchisee’s decided to separate. judy had created the bāthe name and held on to it for many years. her dream was to put the bāthe name on a sister company. a little higher class and shabby chic. it was perfect! because i started as bathjunkie and changed my name to bāthe at same time. being judy’s personal and corporate financial manager, my store was grandfathered in to all the perks that bathjunkie and bāthe offered.

judy passed away in fall of 2017. she was a dear friend, mentor, and confidant. i learned so much from her. i will treasure our road trip, our time together and she will always have a special place in my heart.

after judy’s passing, i felt it was time to explore change for my store. pursue my dreams and desires! move in a different direction. truly making my store, my own. bathjunkie nor bāthe belonged to me. i didn’t create them. my passion is facial skincare, having products exclusive to just our store and not like anyone else’s. the creative side erupted inside me and my mind couldn’t shut down. the possibilities were endless! why, how and where can I take our little store?

at one of our many slumber parties with my bestie, becki! I shared with her my thoughts and the direction I really wanted to go. becki, my loyal supporter, with her brilliant creative mind, jumped on board. we had the best weekend chatting about all the possibilities available to chris and i. when I left that weekend. she texted me and said, “you need to change your name, separate completely from bathjunkie, bāthe. make your store reflect you, robin! and your name needs to be bathetopia!” we’ve been friends for 50 years and her being a month or two older, i’ve always for some reason taken her advise! and we did it! we took the leap! chris, my husband, my partner and i became bathetopia and changed everything!

it feels like we've only just begun to share what all bathetopia truly has to offer!

why do we feel like we’re just now getting started? maybe, it's because, we launched our new catchy, chic and definatley "PERMANENT" name bathetopia BATH BOUTIQUE in 2017, brought in a whole new product base line in 2018 that is pH balanced, organic, non-toxic, no harsh chemicals, no harmful preservatives, no testing on animals, and is cruelty free! we created and handcrafted a new exclusive to us bathetopia skincare collection for the face, and changed our old fragrance blends to all new natural plant based fragrances and pure essential oil blends.

just this year, 2019, we launched our new website design, created lists of our most popular scent blends, with pictures and scent descriptions for women & men, kids, pet and the home and our first blog page! whoo-hoo! we're feeling brand new! like we finally got it right! a bit scared, empowered and a sense of accomplishment all-in-one! finally, a complete package! something to write home about, stand behind, promote, and feel proud of! unique just to us!

no one said entrepreneurship would be easy! 10 years ago, we would have never entertained the thought of owning our own business! but bathetopia is right where we want to be. chris, working behind the scenes, building facial bars, hanging mirrors, pictures, lights, offering love, support and willing to work with me in the store when needed! could not have done it without him! he allows me to do what i love and enjoy! handcrafting great skincare products for the whole body, working the store and all the other business stuff that goes with being the owner!

bathetopia is my passion! i love researching and coming up with formulas that truly take care of all types of skin issues. making products that you feel and see the start of real results after just one use! believing in what i'm doing has to happen before i can promote it! honestly, this year is the first we've felt like we could do that!

an old saying "the struggle is real!" is no exaggeration! i say “the journey is real” but the benefits, are oh so rewarding! i love our store, our customers, and look forward every day to meeting new customers in store or online! helping you create just the right aroma and making it to your product choice, it makes me happy! we found this awesome little sign while checking out at home goods a while back, which we refer to often! "do one thing every day that makes you happy!" we get to do just that, together! feeling so blessed! happy day to all! God bless! robin

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