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Finding my purpose. What does that really mean?

I want to have a purpose and live a purpose filled life. Isn’t that everyone’s desire? Working, living and fulfilling the purpose God created us to be and do?

Finding my purpose is....Be present and in the moment daily and ask Jesus to lead!

I’ve worked in a variety of different jobs since the age of 14. Some I enjoyed, some not so much, and some I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I’ve worked mainly for others, some from home, and now I own my business - bathetopia BATH BOUTIQUE. I have to say owning my own business is my most favorite. But I’m not going to lie. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done.

No one needs to tell me my faults on what I’m good at and what I struggle with. I’m very much aware. When you’re the boss, the creator of your business, the daily worker of your business, the marketing director, the bookkeeper and everything else in-between, life gets a little crazy to say the least.

There are many jobs I really excel in and others not so much! But it’s up to me to do them all when you’re a small company like mine. And it’s easy to get down on myself and lose my focus.

When things aren’t going like I want them to, who do I get down on? Myself! I have no one else to blame. Or vis-versa when things are going great! Who do I praise? Myself? I must ask! Am I living and doing my purpose? How do I know?

Chris & Robin here at 5 am!

This month Chris and I began meeting at the breakfast table at 5 am to do a study we both have done many times before. Just never together.

The first day, I led out. When we got done, we both said how much we enjoyed our Jesus time and together time. I was excited to hear Chris lead us the next day. We alternate days.

I’m a very detailed person. I made notes of my two words on Christ’s Death and Life. I copied and pasted my verses in notes. I highlighted all the benefits I gain through the shed blood and resurrected life of Jesus. I wrote out my prayer and shared it with him. I go all in 100%.

The next day, Chris comes to the table and he hasn’t written out anything. He just has his Bible and it’s marked where he wants to lead us for that day’s study.

I immediately judge Him! My mind goes to…. he’s not committed like me. He doesn’t really want to be doing this with me, and so on.

What I should have been thinking, awesome. He has his verses all picked out. I can’t wait to hear them and how he’s going to lead me to Jesus this morning.

I must say, I was wrong in my judgement. He goes “all in” as well! He did an amazing job, and unlike me, who must have everything in front of me, he doesn’t. He’s a natural speaker. I am not! He’s a great leader. I must work at it!

Both of us after reading scripture together now for two weeks, are very excited to meet the next morning. We realize how much we’ve both missed this time with Jesus, and it’s even better because now we are both on the same page and have something special in common together. We found purpose together. Jesus time.

I’m reminded that finding my purpose in life is a process. I feel I’m on the right path though. Asking my creator, Jesus Christ, His plan for my life. Then, just going with it!

Happy Day!


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