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my beautiful mother-in-law. at 82 years she has no wrinkles! my inspiration for skincare products.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

this morning, fritz, otto, and i walked isabella marie to miss d'lytnn's at brown dog pet spa and boutique. the best pet spa in siloam springs! it was time for bella’s spa day!

on our way to the pet spa, i thought, “who really inspired me to create bathetopia's coconut creme face wash?”

my story! i first met chris, my husband, 33 years ago this may! the lady in picture is my beautiful mother-in-law, vivian (lou) stewart.

i remember watching lou cleanse her face at night. she would sit on the couch with tissue and a jar of cold cream, apply the cold cream all over her face, and wipe it off with a soft tissue or warm wash cloth. it lifted makeup and oil and seemed to deep cleanse, as well. in asking her about it, she said she had never used soap on her face. soap dried her skin out too much!

remembering back on this today, it got me thinking! lou's face is absolutely beautiful. she has the normal eye wrinkles just as i do, but her cheeks (and the rest of her face and neck area) don’t have any wrinkles!

thinking a little deeper, lou has never used a high alkaline product on her face. i'm guessing the cold cream, on the pH scale, is a 4.5-5 pH. target pH number for skin, hair, and body is 5.5 (likened to rain water). lou has never ever stripped her acid mantel (her skin’s natural moisture barrier) with high alkaline detergents.

going even a little further! lou has never had peels, face lifts, or anything to chemically treat her skin. she's stuck to a daily routine for sixty-six plus years of cleansing her face each night with a non-detergent cleanser and applying a great moisturizer. at 82 years old her face is gorgeous. who doesn't want this for themselves?

as we grow older, our skin slows in producing collagen. hormones also play a big part on our overall skin health. we notice what used to be oily skin is now drying out. we need a product that never strips our moisture defense but helps also protect it and keep intact at all times.

understanding this information, it was important to me to create a pH balanced cleanser that made my face feel soft and dewy and well-moisturized. not to mention, a face and neck free of dirt, makeup, and the end-of-day dirty oils—a face that's deep cleansed! i think we've achieved that goal with bathetopia's coconut creme face wash!

happy day!


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