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this weeks waft! 01 mandarin green & sage

embrace the delightful sweet, citrusy, delicious and fruity essence of mandarin green essential oil, merged perfectly with a portion or two of sage. this aroma synchronizes beautifully. sage, with it's bold and deep, herbal, earthy scent. gracefully enhances and balances out the sweetness and fruitiness of mandarin, making the perfect collaboration between herb and citrus! sage lovers, this one's for you! expires: 2/9/2019 check out the new featured scent 2/10/2019

benefits: mandarin green refreshes the mind, uplifts and soothes the soul and revitalizes dull skin. sage helps relieve depression, mental fatigue and strain. also known to help with acne. makes a perfect balanced combo! recommended for: women & men products: shower, bath or after bath collections.

how the weekly waft works for you!

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