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this weeks waft! 04 "the spring 1880" made with pure essential oils.

this unique blend of ylang ylang, neroli, grapefruit, lemon verbena and rosemary, "the spring 1880" signature scent is made with pure essential oils that truly offer healing to the mind, body and skin.

aroma: ylang ylang: sweet, honeyed, tropical floral with spicy-balsamic undertones. neroli: floral, citrusy, sweet, delicate, slightly bitter. grapefruit: clean, fresh, bitter, citrusy. lemon verbena: sharp, clear, citrusy. rosemary: herbaceous, strong, camphorous, with woody-balsamic and evergreen undertones.

benefits: ylang ylang: helps with emotional balance, is calming and relaxing, and enhances alertness. neroli: helps with depression and anxiety. grapefruit: is balancing and uplifting to the mind. helps relieve anxiety. lemon verbena: is invigorating, enhancing, and warming. rosemary: is a memory stimulant. recommended for: women, men, kids, home or pet products: bath, shower, after bath, just for kids, home or pet.

don't miss mainstreet siloam springs "a moment in history" live on facebook with abby trinidad and sponsored by bathetopia BATH BOUTIQUE, this thursday february 28, at 4 pm.

check out this great article on "the spring 1880" from siloam springs museum found in the archives. written by chuck mcclary. it's a must read about our lovely little city!

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