bathetopia’s coconut crème face wash is a simple, effective, pH balanced, non-detergent cleanser that crosses all skin genres. science says "like atracts like." the creamy oils soak deep into skin to cleanse pores. leaving face and neck free of dirt, makeup, and the end-of-day dirty oils. pure essential oils (orange, neroli, jasmine) are used to to fight acne, calm irritated skin and reduce redness from rosacea and blemishes. natural oils balance dry and oily skin, and helps with wrinkles and fine lines. minimalists, this truly is a "one-for-all" skin grenre face wash.


coconut creme face wash 4 oz

    • 4 oz or 8 oz bottle
    • pH balanced
    • organic coconut oil deep cleans pores
    • protects your natural moisture defense
    • orange essential oil to nourish dry, irritated and acne-prone skin
    • neroli essential oil to help with age spots and reduces redness associated with breakouts or rosacea
    • jasmine essential oil to treat dry and dehydrated skin. rejuvenates skin. helps with wrinkles and fine lines.
    • leaves skin soft, dewy and moisturized
    • kills bacteria (goodbye pimples!)


    how to use: no need to wet face first! just a single pump in palm or to fingertips rubbing all over face, eyes and neck. rinse off face with a warm washcloth. removes all dirt and grime deep in pores, eye makeup, and lipstick. leaves your face silky smooth and rejuvenated and ready for bathetopia face oil and moisturizers.


    recipe: purified water, organic coconut oil*, organic sunflower seed oil*, cetearyl alcohol, coco-glucoside, organic shea butter*, xanthan gum, apricot kernel oil, phenoxyethanol, organic (aloe vera) leaf juice powder*, citric acid, yocopherol, lactic acid, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid