finding the perfect scent! a scent that brightens your day, uplifts your spirits, or helps you sleep at night.  what ever scent you're looking for to enhance your bath and shower time. than's what the weekly waft blog posts are all about.

a new blog will post each sunday for your mind to embrace by reading a scent description along with pictures, benefits, who it's recommended for and products best used in. the scent will expire the following saturday!

you want this week's waft featured scent? 

here's how it works: 

  • shop and select your product choice

  • for scent option:  select: this weeks waft!

  • bathetopia will place this weeks waft scent recipe in our data base under your name for your signature scent.

  • want to order it again two months later,  but your scent has expired?  no worries! 

    • choose scent option: my signature scent​! we'll have your recipe on file.

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